4 Simple but Proven Hair Tips for Men

4 Simple but Proven Hair Tips for Men

Great hair is one of those things that a lot of us envy in a man and while girls have an easier time with hair loss, men tend to have all sorts of issues. While women’s hair is often higher maintenance, some men have the unfortunate situation of losing theirs in some cases.

As a man, showing your hair some love can really help however. A little bit of love and care can go a long way when it comes to a man’s haircut. So, here are 4 simple but proven hair tips for men.

Wet Hair
When hair is wet it’s at its weakest and this means that it needs to be taken care of at this time, more than any other period. To minimise the damage to a hair after you wash it you should avoid ruggedly drying it with a towel. Patting it dry is a far better option and does a lot less damage. Ensuring your routine is as delicate as possible can be a huge help.

Other tips we can offer are to massage the scalp to increase the blood flow to it, blot hair dry and avoid a hair dryer as this will end up causing all sorts of issues for hair.

A lot of gel is made from alcohol and this will dry out hair over time. Be very aware of the gel you put in your hair as it can cause all sorts of problems. Alcohol weakens the protein in hair and this can cause it to be brittle and weak. Additionally, these products often take a lot of washing to get out of hair and this can mean using a stronger shampoo than you normally would, or over washing hair. These also cause hair to be dull and lifeless. Use gels but remember to use water based options and that a little goes a long way. While you may want permanent hair removal elsewhere, the case isn’t true for your head.

Once a hair sprouts out of the scalp it becomes old hair and loses it’s moisture the longer it grows. This in turn can mean that the end will split and essentially that age isn’t kind to the hair. A regular trim ensures that the hair stays strong, isn’t overexposed to things it shouldn’t be and also that it remains light and looks attractive.

Exercise and Diet
As with all parts of your body, the amount of exercise you get and your diet will all impact on how good your hair looks. Eating well and ensuring you get all the nutrients good for hair will help ensure it looks good. Foods such as brown rice and green vegetables are especially good for hair. Exercise also works as it encourages blood flow to the scalp and this also helps.

These tips will help you have nice, attractive and good looking hair and ensure you’ll look great.

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