Best Hair dryer for all types of hair 2019 review

Every woman loves dresses, fashionable accessories or killer heels what won’t women do in the name of beauty? women get through a lot to look beautiful but little they do realize is that above all of that, hair  is the crown that should be handled with utmost importance.

Everyone would agree if i say that…

A hair symbolizes womanliness, character and well being. it can tell a lot about a person without saying a word, after all hair is a crown that you never take off. hair also symbolizes change, you can tell that a woman’s life is change when she decides to get a new haircut.

With that being said…

For the best styling options and hair grooming accessories we compiled a list of hair dryers, we spoke to different hairstylists and each of them sent me a description of what is the best hair dryer categorize by weight, performance and dry time.

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Parlux Eco-Friendly 3800 Hair Dryer

When it comes to durability parlux 3800 is the best option it has a built in silencer for noise reduction with 4 variable heat and 2 airflow settings to help you set your own style. it also has a small body and fit into small bags which allows you to use it during travel.

With a 2,100 watts of power this is the best hair dryer for thick hair making it smoother and reduces frizz, finally this dryer weighs only 1.9 pounds which is lightweight compared to other brands that is why many stylists preferred to use it


Parlux 3200 Ceramic Ionic Dryer

Our hair has a negative and positive charges, these charges help some hair care products work effectively, when your hair is wet it has more positive charges; ionic dryers emits negative charges which breaks down globs of H2O particles the result is the water evaporate faster.

A hair dryer for thick curly hair, it has 1600 watts very powerful without burning your hair and weighs 1.09 pounds still not too heavy which is ideal for people on the go. Recommended by stylist because of its efficiency and offers different heat settings leaving your hair nice and silky.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

For professionals Dyson is the best choice, everyone fell in love with its innovative features including magnetic attachments and automatic temperature control which measures every 20 seconds keeping the heat under control protecting your hair form extreme heat and damage. It still has heat setting control for styling and quick drying purposes.

The silent motor is located at the handle which gives a lightweight feel and engineered for balance, this hair styling product is good for all kinds of hair even if you are wearing a hair extension because of its speed settings. It weighs 1.2 pounds without accessories it is not cheap though but definitely worth every penny.


Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer

Some people still prefer to use hair straightener after hair drying their hair but according to the users of this product they don’t have to do that anymore. A hair dryer for fine hair, bio ionic is very light but its power can make your hair smooth and straight. For a very long thick curly hair and easily frizzy hair this dryer also works really well.

For people who are always in a hurry this is the best product, a 25 minute session can only take 9-12 minutes but the result is much more better than other dryer because of the reduce styling and smoothing. It has a 3 speed setting and a cool button. Kinda louder than other top of the line products but not too screechy there is also no independent settings for airflow. Nevertheless it is still preferred by some stylist because of the time save by styling.


Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer

Another perfect hair dryer for frizzy and curly hair, it comes with a diffuser and concentrator, not as loud as some of the more inexpensive dryers. It has 2 speed option and 2 heating temps plus cold setting.

I deal for professional and personal use this blow dryer has a power of 1800 watts design by Italian engineers and weighs 2.6 pounds not good for travel but still usable for busy people it does the job well even if you are in a high humidity area.


Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

The Conair ionic ceramic hair dryer has a high torwue DC motor created for fast drying without damaging your precious hair and ionic technology for smoother shiny-reflection. It has 1875 watt power and comes with diffuser if you want texture styles plus a concentrator for smooth styles.

Ceramic dryers are known for emitting infrared heat making it more gentler on hair during styling and users noticed an improvement in drying speed but complain that for 2.1 pounds this is heavy for longer sessions.



Sedu Revolution 4000i

One of the most trusted brand in hair drying is the sedu revolution 4000i and the most lightweight item in this list because of its 1.6 pound weight this is good for longs sessions specifically for hairstylists. It has 1875 watts, 80mph airspeed a removable air filter and cool air button.

The only downside with this dryer is the loudness nevertheless this is a salon quality blower which love by stylists because of its 6 heat settings, ceramic ionic plates to protect the hair from heat damage and control static and a locked-in cooling button.


Gamma Piu Ion Ceramic S

One of the best Italian brand is the Gamma Piu Ion Ceramic S, it is important for people that a hair dryer must feel comfortable. Dryers like this is always valued by stylists. The heat is always fixed with a cooling button which perfectly position at the front of the handle. Combined with 2,300 watts and infuse with oxygen which makes your hair more shiny and weighs 1 pound.


T3 Compact Folding Hair Dryer

If you value an on the go styling we recommend a folding hair dryer. The T3 compact folding hair dryer has a compact body with dual voltage switch that is ideal for travel abroad a scratch resistant surface and 9ft Cord.

If the weight is your biggest concern then definitely this hair blow dryer is best suited for you, this is the most cheapest product in this list but the power it gives is worth every penny.


Drybar Baby Buttercup Hair Dryer

Super powerful yet ultra-light, this is how stylists define this drybar baby buttercup dryer, it employs negative ion and infrared technology and an AC motor that has 1875 watts that delivers a good airflow gentle on hair.