Men’s Hair styling tips: 6 Hair Care Mistakes Men Make

Men’s Hair styling tips: 6 Hair Care Mistakes Men Make

Gentlemen stop freaking out thinking that your hair product is causing hair loss  your hair product is absolutely not causing your hair to fall out. I get so many emails from dudes that are totally flipping out thinking that their hair product is actually making their hair fall out they do their hair and they look at them  and then “oh my god there’s hair it must be falling out”  that’s not making your hair fall out

but that being said

There are 6 Hair Care Mistakes Men Make that are totally screwing up there would be and could be luscious locks

1 Take it easy with the amount of heat that you’re actually using on your hair alright indirect heat like a hair dryer about right like right here no big deal but if you’re going in there with a flat iron to straighten it or you’re getting up on it with super high heat Cheap hair dryers every day you’re going to damage the hair shaft alright it’s not going to be as lively as bright as sexy as it should and could be

2 Get your grubby hands out of your hair seriously there’s absolutely no reason for you constantly to be palling playing touching set it forget it during the day you go you look in the mirror like oh not as sexy as I should be or it could be spruce it up a little but get your fingers out of there if your hair is constantly falling or moving you’re not using the right hair product go with something with a higher hold or cut your hair shorter the longer it gets the harder it is to actually stand on

2 Stop going too long in between shampooing  when you shampoo you are cleaning a lot of the oil the build up the gunk that builds up on not only your hair but your scalp as well if you do not remove this on a regular basis your follicles can actually become clogged because here’s the deal your hair grows in different stages there are three stages one stage it actually goes a little bit dormant and it’s like yo I’m going to chill for a little bit it’s no big deal it starts again but if that follicle Clogged it can’t

4 you want sexy hair stop using hair product that has a super high alcohol content high alcohol means dry hair

5 Choosing cheap hair product and when I say cheap I mean poor quality a lot of the mass-marketed hair product companies that you’re going to see on the shelves of grocery stores convenience stores are really bad in terms of quality and ingredients will they make your hair fall out no will they damage your hair and not have it be as healthy as possible yes one of the things that I am incredibly proud of at

6 Not giving your hair or head enough time to breathe and what I mean by this is not having hair product in it or on it all the time this is one of the things that a lot of dudes do they will put hair product in the morning though all day they won’t shower before they go to bed go sleepy time USA they don’t wash the product out of their hair then they get up maybe they shower and scrub their head then but then they apply product right away. it is my opinion not necessarily anything I can back up by any scientific research but you need to give your hair and your head time without product

Personally I like to get a shower at night and wash my hair, I wash my hair every single day. One of the issues that a lot of guys have is that they aren’t washing their hair frequently enough and so you lose about a hundred to one hundred and twenty-five hairs naturally during the day but if you’re not washing your hair every day and you put product that’s actually sticky and gunky you look at your hands stuck there and freaking people out gentlemen deal is this hair products will not give me one more time will not make your hair fall out if you’re balding your hair will fall out if you do not shampoo your hair wash your head enough you will have extra hair but the product itself doesn’t make it fall out no and if you stop doing these six things your hair will be flowing with luscious amazing-ness and who doesn’t want that?

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