Men’s Hair styling tips: How to use a blow dryer

how to use a blow dryer

Using a blow dryer for men has the same benefits of styling with women there are two reasons on how to use a blow dryer

1. Less product to finish your style after you finish blow drying, with this you’re not going to weigh down your hair by adding too much which could result in hair flog later on in the day. A little bit of product and a blow dryer should result in a hairstyle lasting a lot longer.

2. A blow dryer almost always enhances any kind of style that you’re trying to go for, in terms of hairstyles though if you are going for a quaff or a licked back or even a fringe hairstyle facing down using a blow dryer is going to help enhance that style and make it easier to work with when you are applying product

How should you use a blow dryer?

This obviously comes down to your hair type and the type of style that you’re wanting to go for however there are a few tips that can be applied to everyone using a blow dryer.

1. The damp of your hair is before you start the better the style will look once you’re finished blow drying. I’m not saying that you need to blow-dry your hair while it is soaking wet, but basically the damper it is, the more it will listen to your styling once it is dry enough.

this is simply because the dryer that your hair is the more trying to fall into its natural state in terms of texture, the way it grows, those kinds of things but if you blow dry it when its wet you’re not giving your hair the opportunity to fall into its natural position thus allowing you to blow dry in the direction that you want to, get it? so basically if you blow dry when it is really wet it can’t really fight against you.

2. The more heat that you use when you blow dry the more it listens to you, basically hot air loosens up your hair follicles and makes it more prone to listening to what you’re trying to tell them to do when you are blow during them into a specific direction, people often ask me if it is okay to use the hottest setting on your blow dryer

and my answer is…

it really depends on how healthy your hair is. If you take care of your hair generally and you feel like it is pretty healthy I said go for it, use the hottest, however if your hair is more on the drier side then I suggest using medium to low heat settings and not on full blast heat and of course it is always recommended using a heat protect or a good hair dryer that has many heat settings. before you blow dry to add some extra protection to your hair, and in case you forgot original by blumaan has heat protect built into it as well as pre-styling capabilities as well as post styling and capability .

3. Finally when your hair is completely dry switch over from the hot setting on your blow dryer to complete coldest setting and continue blow drying your hair in the same direction as you’ve been doing, just as hot air opens up the hair follicles cold air closes them back down and locks them into position, by blasting your hairstyle with cold air is going to help make that style last longer as well and also, when you blow drying with cold air you can hold the blow-dryer closer to your hair because that’s going to give a greater impact, but it’s not going to damage your hair at all.

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