Why and How does the hair age?

Our body ages with the passage of time, and our hair was not going to be less, logically, it also ages and the first signs of them are gray hair, loss of thickness, consistency, shine, body and  increase of the fall.

Normally and according to different ages, At the age of 20 to 30 the hair is healthy, strong, with shine, but we must not neglect it, at 30 we have already abused our hair with a few treatments, heat, etc … usually the first gray hairs come out and there is that time when we need to increase the cares, When the 40 comes the hair weakens, it becomes thinner, it has begun to age, it loses more quantity, it curls and it is advisable to make intensive treatments every so often.

Other possible causes of hair aging are hormonal problems, stress, excessive exposure to the sun and heat, abuse of treatments such as dyes, smoothing, discoloration … It is very normal for hair to deteriorate well before menopause, but after 40, because less estrogen is produced. But the hair does not age the same in men and women, as a rule, men’s hormones are active for longer, so the hair aging in them occurs of late, although they can be affected by other aspects and may become prone to alopecia or baldness .

To take good care of our hair and help it age later, we can reduce the use of plates, dryers, select the lowest possible temperatures in them, minimize the number of chemical treatments such as dyes or permanents, apply a lot of hydration, heat protector before to dry or expose to the sun, use products appropriate to our hair type and if necessary, help with a food supplement.

Stem cell treatments are very good to help hair aging, stimulate the production of collagen and make the hair grow stronger and healthier. Oils like argan or coconut oils are also very beneficial for hair, vitamin C, biotin or keratin.

When we age, our skin, nails and hair also age, a lot depends on the genes, but also with proper care they can be ageless forever.

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